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A small sampling of my work to date.

QBBALL Website Image


HTML5/Bootstrap Website

Pittsfield Products Website Image

Pittsfield Products

HTML5 Website

Flow Ezy Filters

Flow Ezy Filters

HTML5 Website

Talent Advantage Group Website Image

The Talent Advantage Group

A WordPress Recruitment Website.

Motorsport Website Image

Flow Ezy Filters Motorsports division

A WordPress site to sell Motorsport filters.

Ceiling Tile Saver Website Image

Ceiling Tile Savers

A WordPress Website to sell ceiling tiles

PHP Church Site

A PHP site with admin login features to change site as necessary.


An html site utilizing Ajax and API's to return a map
and an approximate monthly loan payment amount.

Message Me

A PHP instant messanger example.

A Life of Our Own

An html site built for a prior web design class.

PHP Quizzer

A PHP quiz site which utilizes a MySQL database.

HTML5 Online Portfolio

An HTML5 site was created from a sliced up Photoshop .psd file.

Kendo UI Grid

A grid showing MySQL data converted to json and displayed in a grid fashion.

HTML5, CSS3, Canvas Charts

Various charts created with HTML5, CSS3 and Canvas.

HTML5, CSS3, PhotoShop

A landing page for a ficticious website using HTML5, CSS3 and PhotoShop.

SVG manipulation

Hover over the various sections to see the manipulation of an svg image


This site was created using the Bootstrap Framework to showcase various features including Responsive Web Design and HTML5.


This site was created using SASS and the Bootstrap Framework.